About Us

Who is behind The Oyster Lab?
Tina Mabey Fuchs grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, Md, before moving to Charleston, SC and graduating from the College of Charleston.  She has always had a love for the majestic waterfront and its surrounding beauty. This environment inspired her to create pieces of sustainable art, made from oyster shells. Tina created The Oyster Lab to share her passion of style, fashion, and fun with others, while keeping everyone aware of our environment. 


So Tina, Why Oysters?
Oysters have always been an incredible creature in my mind. To some, an oyster may just be an ugly, rocky, hard shell that they either love or hate at gatherings or an oyster bar.
An oyster is pure beauty to me for more reasons than one...
  • Oysters have been a source of food for thousands of years!
  • Outside of their rough exterior, reveals a white shine or a hint of iridescence on the inside. Some shells share amazing palettes of pink, purple, grey, brown, and yellow hues. 
  • Oysters can naturally create their own gemstone, a pearl!
  • An adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day!
How could you not love them? 


What is The Oyster Lab?
The Oyster Lab is a boutique gift site that brings together the beauty of the oyster and combines it with style, fashion, and fun!  You will always be asked, "Where did you get that?", when you wear something from us or give a gift from The Oyster Lab. Each piece is one of a kind! 
We do custom orders as well! See our Custom Order Page.
How is The Oyster Lab Different?
The Oyster Lab cares for the environment. Instead of these shells being thrown away, we are using them as sustainable art. We use natural materials when creating each piece, including, leather, hemp cord, wood beads, recycled glass beads, and freshwater pearls. The Oyster Lab also participates in the Oyster Shell Recycling Program, which is very important to rebuild and restore our oyster habitat. Every shell that we do not use, goes directly to the recycling drop off to improve and restore our waterways and oyster population.
Thank you for your support, Cheers! 
Tina Fuchs
Inspired by The Oyster "LAB" himself, Chas


In Memory of Chas 11/27/08-5/11/20
Our newest member of the Oyster Lab, Charlie.